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April 18, 2012

Want an Instant Answer? We’ve got it!


At Pluralsight we pride ourselves in offering prompt assistance to our customers. The first place to turn when you have a question is our Helpdesk. From our helpdesk you can submit a ticket, post on our Feature Request Forum and New Course Suggestions Forum and look for an answer to a question in our Knowledge Base.

A tool that is often overlooked in our helpdesk is our ‘Instant Answer’ feature.

When you go to our helpdesk and click on the “Contact Us” button you’ll see the following screen:


Type in any subject in the ‘Message Subject’ window and you’ll see articles pop-up from our helpdesk on the left side of the page. CTO, Keith Brown and myself have spent hours creating these instant answers and packing them with information to help alleviate your frustration instantly. If we can answer your questions directly with no wait in response-time then you can spend your valuable time learning through our courses instead of waiting for an answer.

Our hope is that this option is fast and convenient for our customers. We want you to know that it’s there to help!

See the ‘Instant Answer’ feature in action below:

If you have a question about ‘Course Slides’ and you type that into the Message Subject Box several articles from our knowledge base pull up on the left side. Take a quick glance at them to see if any of them can help answer your questions.


Try clicking on an article that looks promising you will see a detailed answer. If this article was helpful and gave you what you needed then let us know by clicking on the “Yes’ link. If not and you need additional support submit a ticket!


It is our goal to deliver prompt, accurate and beneficial support to our valued customers. The ‘Instant Answer’ feature in our helpdesk is a great way for us to do that. If you have a question and need a quick answer give this a try. Let us know what you think!

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